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網店購物流程 Online Shopping Procedure
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寄件服務收費 Delivery Service Fee
訂購及服務條款 Terms and Conditions

訂購及服務條款 Terms and Conditions


Transactions made through this online shop are subject to below Terms and Conditions. Upon submitting your order, you confirm and affirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.  

  1. 貴客在訂購商品前,請事先調查清楚收件人所在的國家或地區對有關進口之法律、規定、禁止進口的商品限制等。在運送往該國家或地區時,萬一發生訂購商品被沒收的情況,本公司恕不承擔責任。本公司也不會因這些原因而將商品貨款和送貨運費等退還給顧客。而在收貨地區或國家所徵收之稅項,包括入口關稅、增值稅、手續費等,全部均由收貨人自付。
    Before placing an order, please check if the receiver's country or region has any legislation or restrictions concerning imported goods. We would not bear any kind of responsibility including refunding, if the product is confiscated by the authority of the receiver's country or region. The receiver will have to bear the import duties and other charges (if any) levied by the receiver's country or region.   

  2. 產品價格並不包括送貨費用,貴客須另付送貨費用。本地,國內及澳門地區寄件運費以一公斤以下為單位,海外地區寄件運費以一件/一套為單位,詳細收費請到網店查詢。海外買家請參考"服務"中的"海外寄件"內的收費分類。本店有可能會把同一客人所訂購之不同訂單的商品一起包裝同時寄出。
    Product prices are delivery cost exclusive. Delivery cost for Local, Macau and China region is based on product(s) weighted below 1kg, whereas overseas delivery is counted per unit/set. Please check it out at our online store for the detailed delivery cost. For overseas buyers, please refer to "Overseas mailing" in "Service" for the categories of our service fee. For orders placed by same customer, we may pack up all the merchandises and send out together.

  3. 本網站所出售物品的價格,只代表該商品資料刊出時的價格。價格或會有所調整而不作另行通知。
    Product prices shown in the website are accurate as of the date of posting, but are subject to change without prior notice. 

  4. 訂單確認後3天內未能成功安排付款者,訂單將會被取消。
    Order will be cancelled, if payment could not be settled within 3 days after submitting of the order.
  5. 本公司只接受款到帳後(或以PayPal完成支付後)才發貨,不便之處,敬請見諒。
    Goods will be sent out after receipt of payment (through bank transfer or via PayPal).

  6. 貨款到帳後本公司會於三個工作天內發貨(PhotoFrameRose系列如需要相片沖印及安裝服務.則於收到照片起三個工作天內發貨),並以送遞單據作為發貨及完成訂單的憑據。
    Goods will be sent out within 3 working days after receipt of payment / within 3 working days after receipt photo(s) for photo printing & inserting (PhotoFrameRose series). The Certificate of Posting provided by the Hongkong Post or the Delivery Receipt provided by freight forwarding companies will be treated as the Proof of Delivery and Order Accomplishment.

  7. 如貨品因缺貨而未能如期交付予貴客,本公司將安排退款。如貴客同意延遲交貨,本公司將視乎情況而另行處理。
    Payment is refundable only for item which could not be delivered on time due to shortage. Or we will have special arrangement based on agreement with customers.

  8. 本公司將根據貴客所提供之地址送貨,並提供適當包裝。惟於送遞途中所出現之損壞或以後因其他原因而造成的損失,本公司不負責。
    Goods will be sent out with proper protection to the designated address provided by the customer. We shall not be liable for any damage or loss thereafter.  

  9. 本網站所出售的物品一律會經由香港郵政或其他有信譽的速遞公司運送,但因運送過程非完全在控制範圍之內,任何郵遞之延誤,本公司恕不負責。
    Products will be delivered by Hongkong Post or other reputable courier companies. We bear no repsponibility in case the delivery of an order is delayed.
  10. 貨品圖片只供參考。由於保鮮花均以真正的花朵製成,故每朵花的形態或顏色等均不會一樣,花瓣上也可能會有輕微裂紋。實物與圖片在形態及顏色等上一定會有不同的差別。貴客不可因商品與網店圖片不符或不合心意等原因為理由而要求退換。
    Pictures in the website are for reference only. As preserved flowers are made from real flowers, they supposed not being the same in shape and colour. Products shown in the pictures will certainly vary in shape and colour from the actual products customer received. Customer shall not entitled to return the product simply because it does not correspond exactly to its picture or wrong choices, etc.    

  11. 本店只接受錯誤產品之退換貨,而商品必須是全新及連同原有包裝全套一併退回。一切人為因素造成之故障、損毀、磨損、刮花、髒污、包裝破損不完整等,恕不接受退貨。如遇貨品有問題,請於收貨後2天內通知本店有關問題(貨到2天後本店有權拒絕退換的要求),並於一星期內(以收到貨件日期起計)寄出退貨,逾期恕不受理。本店收到退貨確認無誤後會於3個工作天內寄出更換貨物或安排退款(退款安排只限於缺貨情況,而貴客不慾選擇其他商品)。退貨之運送費用請先由貴客暫時墊付,本公司恕不接受收貨人付款方式之退貨。
    We only accept returns for false items in new and fine state with original packaging. Please contact us within 2 days after receipt of the parcel (we reserve the right to decline any request of return after 2 days of parcel arrival) and send back the product to us within one week (starting from the arrival date), or return/exchange request would not be accepted. We will send out exchanged product or arrange refund (in case of shortage) within 3 working days after receipt of the returned product. Delivery fees for returning should be paid by customer, and would be refunded later on.

  12. 本公司保留對客戶訂單之最終決定權。本公司並保留對在顧客未有預先獲得通知的情況下,修改本網站內容和有關服務條款的權利。
    We reserve the right to edit or revise the site contents, the terms and conditions without prior notice. 


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